Everything starts with a “hello 👋”

The barriers to AI have been lowered. Automation is transforming marketing, sales, and service for self storage operators.

Give your customers that warm, personalized feeling with every conversation, day or night.

🤖 AI Powered Chatbots

In the age of hyper-informed, store-anywhere tenants, your business needs to be always on, data driven, and customer-centered.

Offer 24/7 sales & support, as well as a personal touch at scale, with swivl’s automation and AI-powered bots.

Every chatbot uses our core intelligence and customers can switch channels without needing to start the conversation over.
"What size unit do I need?" Some of the most frequent questions a prospect asks is about how much they can fit in a specific size unit. Not a problem! swivl can provide information regarding unit sizes and give inventory recommendations.
"I forgot my gate code" Streamline the process of providing access codes through SMS for customers that are current or helping those that are delinquent get up to date on payments.
"I need to pay my bill" Offer simple payment help, like providing a “Pay By Phone” for customers wanting to manage their account or redirecting customers to your payment portal.
Example UI for the store selector carousel inside web chat

🏢 Match customers with the store for them

What used to take three steps, now takes one. Your customers can select a store directly inside chat and get routed seamlessly without missing a beat.

Once a customer is on a store location page, swivl can act like a “mini” store manager, answering store specific questions regarding hours, features & amenities, and more!

🧰 FMS Integrations

The industry is plagued with tools and systems that do not communicate. This puts you at risk of losing valuable insights about your customers' online shopping experience.

With connections into popular Facility Management Software systems, swivl has the ability to sync everything you need to automate your storage business.

Information such as available inventory, access codes, contact info, and more, can all be pulled directly from your FMS and displayed to your customers.

Automatically upload contact information swivl collects from leads to help convert to paying customers.

Example UI of an SMS conversation from a customer. They are asking about next steps after a reservation.

👋 Automatic Outreach

Extend your FMS integration by adding outbound automation capabilities so your store managers can focus on more important tasks.

FMS+ gives you access to robust feature sets involving using the web chat and our SMS channel to send automatic messages that are triggered by a specific event or time.
Automatically send a welcome SMS to new customers with instructions, access code, maps, and more.
Send move out instructions ahead of time to let customers know what to expect when vacating their unit.
Review Solicitation
Select when you want us to follow up with new and existing customers and we'll automatically reach out for a review. We also give you the option to gate reviews, so positive reviews get posted publicly and feedback that's not so positive can be handled personally.
Set up rules to remind tenants when their rent is due, past due, and before going to auction.
Payment & Contact Info Updates
Some times people move and credit cards expire. Customers probably aren't thinking about updating you. swivl can check in with customer periodically to make sure their information is up to date.
And more! Omni-channel communication is expected from 72% of customers. With swivl, you can deliver exceptional customer touch-points.

All your support links.
One spot.

Say goodbye to the cluttered mess of multiple links and hello to our all-in-one page that effortlessly showcases all your important links.

QR codes built in

Each location gets its own unique QR Code so customers can quickly pull up the landing page for their store. Simply download the QR code for your location, add to your signage, and place at important spots around your property.


Let the 🤖 do the work.
Have 👩🏼👨🏾 step in when needed.

Whenever a AI Assistant isn’t unable to find an answer, push to a human to solve the issue. But, it doesn’t stop there.

🧠 Powered by A.I.

No more dumb bots. With the industry’s leading Natural Language models, integrations into the platforms you use everyday, and digital assistant that you can deploy from day one.

💁 Built for Humans

Never miss an opportunity to close that hot lead or provide a bit of human empathy.

Driving results

Automated interactions
Service call deflection
Increase in sales-related conversations
Engagement rate from web traffic

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