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The only conversational AI platform for Self Storage

Even the best Self Storage operators often miss nearly 49% of all incoming communication that can turn into a sale. Operators leverage swivl’s digital assistants to automate their most important customer touch-points.
iPhone 13 Pro showing an SMS conversation between a swivl bot and a person needing help gaining access to their storage unit.

Your Customer Support. Automated.

Answers anytime, day or night without adding stress to your store managers or contact center.

Let swivl automate questions regarding a customer’s bill, how to log in, or get a temporary gate code — all through chat.

Your Sales. Automated.

Drive revenue while you sleep.

Did you know that nearly 60% of all customers rent from the first facility they’re able to reach?

swivl books reservations by itself by providing up to date inventory and store information at the click of a button.

Your Team. Augmented.

Multiply Your Workforce with the most loyal employee you can hire.

Let your team do what they’re best at, creating genuine moments with your customers during their big life transitions.

What customers are saying

Storelocal Co-op
"The Swivl AI bot is successfully resolving over 80% of inquiries - without human intervention. THAT's a labor saving AI success! Thanks swivl - we appreciate your tech!"
Guardian Self Storage
Marketing & Development Analyst
"The swivl Bot has not only helped us reduce volume to the call center, it also allows us to reach a different consumer segment with intelligent customer service and lead generation capabilities. By reviewing conversations, we now have focused insight on the topics consumers find valuable."
USA Storage Centers
"swivl has allowed us to automate a lot of the repetitive questions our locations get on a daily basis, helping us reduce the number of emails and phone calls our team had to service. The swivl bot has been instrumental in helping us rethink and improve how we engage and service our customers."
“swivl is a forward thinking, innovative, and customizable solution for your business.”
I have been raving to our ownership/investor partners how this was the smoothest onboarding from a vendor in quite some time. There were no issues in configuring the settings or ease of use for the product. The product is working as advertised with no "over promising and under delivering" that is often experienced. I also was happy when I noticed the issue on an account, that you investigated it and not only identified the issue but explained it properly to where we understood. You also said you would bring that up on your next meeting to see if you could improve the process. Those are the key things that make a great vendor- client partnership and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we grow.

Automation that drives results

Operators use swivl’s AI assistants to power things like inventory recommendations, touch-less rentals, call center deflection, proactive account management, and omni-channel marketing communication.

The most powerful Self Storage conversational AI. Period.
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