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The State of Technology in Self Storage

Consumer behavior has changed and operators need to rapidly adopt technology to stay current in today's world. Discover the top trends affecting your business and stay ahead of the competition.

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About the report

Building off of two years of data and a mass surge towards AI-driven experiences, the State of Technology in Self Storage highlights unique data insights to showcase how new technologies are affecting the  industry.

Our research highlights the changing behavior of buyers, who are now more cautious about spending and prioritizing budget constraints. To remain successful in this evolving market, self storage brands must focus on delivering a connected experience that scales and exceeds customer expectations.

This change in consumer behavior highlights the urgent need for self storage operators to embrace technology and innovation.

In a time of uncertainty, the report brings clarity to the trending sentiments around adopting a customer-centric approach and provides key insights into how operators who leverage systems, tools, and processes gain a competitive edge.
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What You'll Learn

Fresh insights from the latest industry data, including:
The key business areas that will be impacted by AI and new technologies.
Main takeaways from over 2 million customer conversations used to optimize business operations.
A deep dive on how to adopt a customer-first approach to provide a seamless digital to physical shopping experience.
of consumers use at least 3 different channels to contact a business
of swivl chat interactions happened after hours.
of a self storage company’s data comes from multiple sources — resulting in lots of unstructured data