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🧠 Self Storage NLP Model

No more dumb bots. swivl's groundbreaking Self Storage Natural Language Processing (NLP) model harnesses the power of our extensive proprietary data derived from analyzing over 750,000 customer conversations.

This wealth of information grants us unparalleled insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and pain points. By leveraging this knowledge, we empower operators to optimize their business and elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Our NLP Model acts as a guiding force, enabling operators to make data-driven decisions that align with customer needs with enhanced efficiency, tailored offerings, and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

🔌 300+ Core Workflows

The swivl platform gives you access to over 300+ templated workflows to power your AI Assistant and make it your own.

swivl does more than just handle questions. It analyzes those questions to execute a range of tasks depending on the request, taking business automation to the next level.

Whether a customer has a last minute purchase question, has just reserved a unit, or arrived at their unit without their access code, swivl can help automate these customer touch-points day or night.

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Actionable insights

An important factor in understanding ROI with chat based automation tools is attributing leads, sales, and resolutions back to the source.

A combination of our own tools and Google Analytics gives you insight into how your customers are navigating your site, chatting with swivl, and making purchase decisions.
AI Performance: Track what topics customers are asking and how well the automation handles each request.
Agent Performance: Keep tabs on the conversations that are being escalated and how well your agents are solving customer requests.
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Facility Management Integrations

With connections into popular Facility Management Software systems, swivl has the ability to sync everything you need to automate your storage business.

Information such as inventory, customer account status, gate codes, and more, can all be pulled directly from your FMS and displayed to your customers.

This also allows us to send contact information we collect from leads that can convert from potential to paying customers.
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Plug into your tech stack

Customize swivl to fit your business needs. Our open APIs integrate easily into your existing solutions.
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