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ChatGPT & Self-Storage: Not-So-Secret AI Productivity Tool

March 1, 2023
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How can the generative AI technology behind ChatGPT change the way you think about self-storage operations? While generative AI presents infinite possibilities for self-storage operators in 2023, this article will cover just a few business use cases of ChatGPT. Upon taking this technology for a test drive, you will inevitably uncover more use cases.

Straight off the bat, here’s what you need to know:

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a mind bogglingly large language model developed by OpenAI. The chatbot uses a neural network to generate human-like text. From question answering to text completion, this chatbot is used for a full range of different tasks and is capable of generating responses to a given prompt in a matter of seconds. Watching it in action is truly a sight to behold.

GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer" - which refers to the neural network architecture and pre-training method used in the model.

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How did ChatGPT get so smart?

ChatGPT is trained on a massive dataset of text from across the internet. This vast dataset has enabled it to establish patterns and relationships in language. The chatbot can process inputs of different lengths and uses self-attention to successfully generate output. The model is pre-trained - which enables it to learn general language knowledge and respond to inputs.

What are ChatGPT’s limitations?

2021 dataset

ChatGPT has a knowledge cutoff of 2021. In other words, it does not have access to any information that was published or occurred past 2021. With this in mind, as a language model, ChatGPT cannot answer questions on recent events. Although, the chatbot can still confidently answer questions on a broad range of different topics across all areas of life.

Basic math errors

After taking ChatGPT for a brief spin and throwing some math questions at the chatbot, you may start to notice some inconsistencies. It’s important to remember that this is a language model. ChatGPT is trained on a dataset of text, not mathematical calculations. When making mathematical commands or prompts, you should expect the chatbot to make some errors.

Code can fail to run

If you spend a few minutes scrolling through all the buzz around ChatGPT on Twitter, you will notice that writing code is perhaps one of the biggest use cases for this chatbot. In many instances, ChatGPT can write code (in numerous languages) that functions perfectly well. Although, while the syntax looks correct, the code can sometimes fail to run.


Those who have used ChatGPT over the last few weeks will have likely experienced moments of downtime. With immense demand, frequent outages have been reported. As OpenAI scales up its servers to meet demand, this should eventually become less of an issue. It’s important to remember that ChatGPT is still only a few weeks old and teething problems are inevitable.

Useful prompts and commands

Even if you are a generally creative person, coming up with prompts that consistently generate useful answers is often challenging. Voice assistants also exercise a similar muscle by getting us to come up with commands. While both are still using natural language, AI assistants are encouraging a new way of thinking about problem-solving and productivity more broadly.

How can self-storage operators leverage ChatGPT?

Self-storage operators can use ChatGPT to generate “boilerplate” email templates for different interactions with renters and potential customers. ChatGPT can also play a role in generating copy for landing pages and writing copy for customer onboarding resources. From storage unit descriptions to information on access codes, you can generate usable copy in seconds.

A solution capable of generating useful text in the blink of an eye is a game-changer for self-storage operators. If you are actively on the lookout for productivity hacks to embrace in 2023, ChatGPT seems like the most logical place to start for a self-storage operator. Going forward, we believe operators will increasingly continue to embrace innovative AI solutions.

Embracing Generative AI (Next Steps)

Are you curious about how your self-storage business can begin to embrace the immense benefits of generative AI? Sure, ChatGPT is a start - but where do you go from there?

We have produced an Operator’s BluePrint to “Building an Unmanned Facility” — the all-in-one resource of all the tools accessible to an operator to run their self-storage business more effectively.

To find out more about the self-storage technology landscape and how you can utilize AI-powered tools for self-storage businesses, get your hands on the PDF blueprint today.

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