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How AI Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

August 4, 2022
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More businesses than ever are using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize performance. One of the most rapidly growing applications of AI in business is ensuring customer success (CS). This is an essential component of any business, yet one that is easy to overlook. Let’s see how integrating AI in customer service is critical to successfully scaling a business.

AI in Customer Service

CS does not end with sales. It requires your business to form a lasting relationship with customers. A customer who is emotionally connected and impressed by your brand is worth 25-100% more in profitability than a “highly satisfied” customer.

This is particularly true in the growing number of businesses that manage most or all of their business online. In the world of digital media, the landscape changes rapidly, making it difficult to stay competitive. With the number of options customers have to choose from, it is essential that you do more than provide a product. Companies need to “wow” their customers, providing the best experience available.

Quality customer service traditionally requires many human interactions, which can be expensive to scale. AI services like the swivlStudio allow human interactions to be supplemented with AI, saving time and simplifying scaling. AI automates essential parts of the customer service workflow. This allows you to dedicate less time to small problems, providing personalized support where it is most needed.

Providing stellar customer service is an amazing investment in your companies future. By giving customers a positive experience at every touchpoint, you will develop lasting loyalty. This loyalty will translate into more than just a committed customer. Customers who feel emotionally invested in your company will become ambassadors. Happy customers provide referrals and give your company a good name.

Customer Success is Hard to Scale
AI in Customer Service

Limited resources are one of the biggest barriers to creating a robust CS strategy. Because CS often requires direct interaction with customers on an individual level, it can be difficult to scale in a cost-effective way.

Many businesses focus on their customers in the early stages of their development. However, when businesses begin to grow more rapidly, it becomes difficult to keep up. Companies may solve this by expanding their CS team. However, this can be difficult to do in a cost-effective way.

A business may increase workloads for support staff, but this is destined to lead to worse support. Even small companies often overwork their support team. This can easily lead to low-quality customer experience. No matter how good your products and services are, they are destined to fail if customers are dissatisfied with their interactions with your company.

Why Use AI?

AI offers a great way to supplement your CS team. By adding AI to your CS strategy, you can provide better customer experience (CX) to more customers without hiring new employees! At swivl, we have been able to provide a 36% decrease in customer care costs while increasing customer capacity by 10X!

AI allows you to decrease manual work in a number of CS fields. By using data labeling and chatbots, you can cut out a huge amount of the slow manual work involved in customer service.

Data Labeling

Data labeling is one of the most time-intensive processes in most artificial intelligence applications. This process is how models learn what different categories look like and how to tell them apart.

Data labeling is an essential part of using AI in CS. Companies can train models to identify users’ needs. While a human is great at reading a sentence and understanding what the user wants, this can be harder for machines.

AI and machine learning (ML) allow us to train machines with the power of human intelligence. Data labeling and training in swivlStudio expedite this process, with no programming experience needed! Therefore, all employees can contribute to the training of the model.

This is known as a Human in the Loop (HitL) strategy, which enables you to combine the power of AI and human intelligence. This allows your AI-based CS tools to provide a similar level of support as actual employees.

These tools also help identify the most common problems your customers have. By categorizing and organizing these issues, you can identify recurring issues. This can help you determine what features or fixes need to be a top priority.

This will improve CS beyond direct support. It allows you to determine what an ideal customer experience looks like, and provide that to your customers.

AI in Customer Service

Chatbots are a classic example of AI. Communicating with a robot is the classic test of “real” AI, the Turing test. It makes sense that this use of AI has become one of the most used applications.

For CS, chatbots work on the frontlines of an AI-driven strategy. Using chatbots as the initial point of contact with customers saves a ton of time. These bots can respond to many of the most common customer issues. This allows your company to close many support tickets with no human interaction.

Customers often prefer to interact directly with chatbots rather than searching on a support site. Chatbots allow users to ask questions is more natural ways than search. They can point users in the right direction. When they are not able to provide satisfactory support, they can direct users to a real person.

While implementing an AI chatbot may sound like a difficult process, it is actually quite easy! Tools like swivl provide chatbots that can be implemented with a few lines of JavaScript. Training and deploying an AI chatbot doesn’t need to require any programming!

Maintaining long-term customer relationships requires your business to develop trust. Companies must develop trust throughout the sales funnel, from acquiring leads to providing support to existing customers. Using AI can allow your company to do this work well without spending a fortune on new staff. swivl makes this process simple for businesses of all sizes.

Please visit swivl, and meet our Intelligent Agent, Hoover. We invite you to learn more about our solutions to use AI to improve customer experience and make sure you are providing the best service possible.

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