Episode 22: Remote Management and Kiosk Tech with Go Store It | Self Storage Lab

July 17, 2024
2 minutes

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Welcome to the Self Storage Lab — where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact your business.

In episode 22 of the Self Storage Lab, the team sheds light on how self-storage operators are adapting to the latest in tech. From the latest in kiosk technology to advanced unattended systems, they dive into insights on how operators can make their implementation in manned and unmanned setups work.

Getting nerdy with us today is Beau Agnello, Chief Operating Officer at Go Store It. Beau brings a rich background from his roles at National Storage and Extra Space Storage, where he contributed to product innovation and managed a significant portfolio. Beau emphasizes the importance of enhancing customer experience through technology and shares the data-driven approach Go Store It employs to remain competitive. The conversation also explores the evolution of staff roles, remote management strategies, and lessons learned in integrating new technologies for a consistently excellent customer journey.

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Mentioned in this episode

00:23 - Introducing Beau Agnello, COO of Go Store It

01:10 - Exploring Remote Management Technology

02:28 - The Evolution of Self-Service Kiosks

04:40 - Customer Journey: Attended vs. Unattended

05:09 - Reframing the Purpose of Kiosks

06:46 - Enhancing Customer Experience with Technology

12:59 - Virtual Management and Security

19:21 - Specializing Roles for Efficiency

22:06 - Data-Driven Insights and Customer Behavior

32:44 - Impact on Business Metrics and Valuation

36:36 - Balancing Cost and Customer Experience

38:25 - Implementing Kiosk Technology: Lessons Learned

39:57 - Understanding Customer Behavior

43:31 - Key Features for Kiosk Solutions

45:19 - Educating Your Team and Customers

49:35 - Exploring Other Technologies

51:28 - Innovations in Other Industries

59:05 - Final Thoughts and Future Directions

If you haven’t already, go download the second edition of our industry report “The State of Technology in Self Storage”. We cover a ton of data points focused on how operators should think about putting The Modern Customer at the center of their universe.

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