Episode 09: Self Storage Management Styles & Tools | Self Storage Lab

May 9, 2023
3 minutes

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Welcome to the Self Storage Lab — where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact your business.

Have you ever reached that point where running your self-storage property just feels like too much to handle? The good news is that you've got options!

In episode 9 of the Self Storage Lab podcast, Kyle, Mason, and Rodolfo discuss the varying management styles in the self storage industry and how they have led to changes in the day-to-day functions of operating teams.

Mentioned in this episode:

The transition period in the industry

  • The shift from traditional brick and mortar management to remote, unmanned, and virtual management
  • The rise of technology and changing consumer expectations
  • The impact of COVID-19 on management styles

Different management styles

  • Fully remote or unmanned management
  • Hybrid management styles
  • Automated management

Which management style is right for you?

  • The benefits and challenges of the different styles of management
  • The role of human involvement in remote management
  • The need for reliable technology and security measures
  • The importance of customer service and personal interaction
  • The potential for robots and other technologies to replace human involvement

The shift in management styles in the self storage industry

  • The importance of focusing on sales and service centers and boots on the ground personnel
  • Viewing management styles as a customer journey
  • The importance of the first-time rental experience
  • 70% of renters are first-time renters

The role of technology in improving the customer experience

  • The potential for cloud-based software, mobile apps, and kiosks to improve efficiency and convenience
  • The need for reliable technology to protect sensitive data
  • The potential for technology to improve the ongoing customer experience

Making the decision for your business

  • The importance of finding the right balance for your business and customers
  • Pros/Cons of In-house management
  • Pros/Cons of Third-party management
  • The economies of scales of Third-party management

Remote vs. Unattended facilities

  • Is it truly unmanned/unattended?
  • The benefits/challenges of remote management
  • What’s the difference between remote and hub and spoke?
  • What’s the deal with unattended facilities?
  • Finding the right balance

The Importance of Simplification

  • How to streamline the Customer Journey to bring uniformity
  • Simplifying the technology stack to have one way to do as much as possible is key to success
  • How to optimize the Rental and Sales Process

Leveraging automation in self-storage management

  • The impact of technology on hiring and employee turnover rates
  • The importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in remote management
  • The role of technology in enhancing property value and attracting higher-end tenants
  • Tools and technologies for remote management, including video calling, contact centers, and automated locks
  • AI for predictive maintenance and enhanced security
  • Thinking outside the box and applying retail strategies to self-storage management and operations.

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