Episode 13: The State of AI | Self Storage Lab

November 20, 2023
2 minutes

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Welcome to the Self Storage Lab — where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact your business.

Today’s podcast explores AI as an umbrella term, capabilities, limitations, and provides a glimpse of what the future holds for this technology.

Rodolfo did such a good job at explaining this topic on a recent CSSA webinar, that we decided to play you the entire conversation. For more on AI topics, dive into some of our most recent episodes.

You can learn more about the California Self Storage Association and all of their resources here: https://californiaselfstorage.org/event-5328719

In this episode, we discussed:

Automation vs. AI

  • What is Automation?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Why is it important to move beyond the term "AI"?

AI in Self Storage

  • Adoption of AI in Customer Service
  • AI at a High Level

What is Vertical Intelligence?

  • LLM Limitations
  • Differentiation between LLMs and Business Specific Models

Next Opportunities

  • What’s in store for the future of customer service and communication?

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