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Made-for-storage websites, online tools, and data dashboards

Websites that work.

Attract more tenants and rent more units with made-for-storage websites, online tools, and data dashboards.

StoragePug transforms self-storage websites into vibrant hubs that boost business by improving search visibility and converting visitors into customers. Their platform allows owners and renters to easily rent units, manage payments, and handle accounts from anywhere, anytime. StoragePug turns your website into a convenient, 24/7 checkout counter right from the comfort of your couch.

How Swivl Works with StoragePug

It's as easy as dropping a packet of code for swivl's chat widget to start showing up on your StoragePug website. swivl takes a consumer’s experience to the next level by offering leads landing on your website visibility into nearby facilities, the operator’s available inventory, prices, and available discounts.

Furthermore, swivl can update lead information, assist in booking a reservation, and aid in managing a customer’s account in tandem with your website platform.

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