The recent pandemic has pushed the Self Storage industry to reinvent how people shop for storage online as the unmanned rental process became a necessity. Self Storage Operators cut costs and increase efficiency by leveraging different types of automation technology.

One swivl customer, Devon Self Storage, sought an easily customizable solution designed to support its people-first approach to customer service by facilitating genuine conversations through automation while keeping their agents “in-the-loop”. Their goal? To reinvent how people shop for storage while improving the operational efficiency of its Customer Support team.

“Due to us getting our customers answers quickly (with the Devon bot) we have seen a 400% increase in leads from the Devon bot.”

Why swivl?

Raheem, SVP of Operations at Devon, is always looking for ways to improve their customer’s journey. He knew their current web situation was creating friction for potential customers and set out to find a technology partner to help them connect with their customers while they shopped online.

Today, their website is leveraging swivl’s Intelligent Assistant, a 24/7, “always-on” AI-powered chatbot that gets smarter with each new interaction.

“Post COVID-19 we saw our customers asking questions at all times during the day and night. swivl has allowed us to automate a lot of these repetitive questions our locations were getting daily, helping us reduce the number of emails and phone calls our team had to service. The Devon bot has been instrumental in helping us rethink and improve how we engage and service our customers.”

The Impact

With an industry-specific conversational AI, Devon Self Storage brought forth the benefit of enhancing their customers’ experience by retaining one-on-one interactions.

Devon saw a direct impact on both web reservations and call center routing.

Due to a decrease in service calls, their call center is screening more rental-related phone questions, providing more quality output on the calls they are taking.

Before swivl

  • 60% Reservations
  • 33% Service Calls

With swivl

  • 74% Reservations
  • 16% Service Calls

Total % Change

  • 14% increase in Reservations
  • 17% decrease in Service Calls

Devon Self Storage
Est. 1988
Devon Self Storage has served countless homeowners and businesses through convenient, affordable self storage solutions. They serve 25 states across the United States, including California, Georgia, Florida, and more.

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