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Self-Storage Website Software (How To Stop Missing 49% Of Incoming Leads)

August 21, 2023
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Self-storage website software is a critical component of any operator’s technology stack. When used effectively, self-storage website apps and tools can play an important role in elevating renter experiences and generating more bookings. If you want to streamline operations and deliver better customer service, you should turn your attention to your facility’s website.

Straight off the bat, here are some tips on how to embrace self-storage website software:

  • Consider using website plugins to improve your page load speed for SEO.
  • Integrate your facility management system with your website to streamline booking.
  • Leverage conversational AI to automate conversations with your tenants-to-be.

This article will explore the essential elements of self-storage website software solutions and consider how automated solutions such as chatbots with conversational AI can dramatically improve renter experiences. Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in.

Why listen to me? I have worked in the conversational AI space for close to a decade, with our previous AI company getting acquired. My day to day consists of speaking to operators of all sizes to understand their automation needs and wants, and see how to best help them get there. I currently am in charge of swivl's go to market strategy and am a co-host of the Self Storage Lab podcast.

Self-Storage Website Software (Key Areas)

User-Friendly & Responsive Website Design

A crucial aspect of your self-storage technology stack is a responsive and user-friendly website. With more people using mobile devices to search for and book storage units, it's vital to have a fully-functional website that's easy to navigate and responsive across different devices. Here are just a few key characteristics of a user-friendly self-storage website design:

  • Clear and concise navigation menus
  • Integration with inventory management systems
  • Visually appealing layout and design
  • Built-in conversational AI
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Speedy booking process

Sure, these might seem obvious - but self-storage operators are all too often getting the basics wrong. If you do not have a fast-loading website, Google can potentially use this against you in the search results. For instance, when you are trying to rank for competitive keywords, Google will take your website load speed into consideration when indexing your pages in the SERPs.

Inventory Management System Integration

An efficient inventory management system is vital for streamlining operations and keeping track of available units. Integrating your inventory management system with your website allows you to display real-time unit availability to prospective renters. An integration like this not only simplifies the booking process for renters but also reduces administrative tasks for your team.

Secure Online Payments & Billing

You should offer secure online payment and billing options for prospective renters. There is no shortage of solutions on the market to make this possible. An easy-to-use billing system with features like automated invoicing and payment reminders can significantly reduce the time spent on manual tasks and provide renters with seamless customer experiences.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

An effective CRM system is critical for managing renter information and interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. A CRM system should bring all customer data under one roof to make it easy for operators to view all the information they need at the click of a button. When interacting with renters, having access to customer data at your fingertips is often invaluable.

Digital Marketing & SEO Tools

Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for driving traffic to your self-storage website and converting visitors into renters. If you do not have a steady stream of organic traffic flowing to your website, all of your on-page will simply go to waste. With this in mind, finding sustainable ways to drive traffic to your website is central to any digital strategy.

Security & Data Protection

As a self-storage operator, you are responsible for protecting any information customers choose to share with you. Self-storage websites should adhere to industry-standard security protocols and data protection measures, such as SSL encryption and regular security audits. Also, you must ensure all solutions in your stack comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Automate Customer Touch-Points With Conversational AI

The integration of a chatbot (using conversational AI) into your self-storage website can have a transformational impact on renter experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants that can answer customer queries, help with unit selection, assist with the booking process, and even supply new renters with access codes at any hour.

Here are just a few benefits of integrating a chatbot into your self-storage website:

24/7 Customer Support

Chatbots are always available, providing support to your customers at any time, day or night. This is ideal for operators that do not always have the staff readily available to answer queries from prospective or existing renters. At the same time, even if staff members are available, it’s better to ensure they are focused on tasks that align with their unique skill sets.

Instant Assistance

Chatbots can handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously. This will ensure existing and potential renters receive immediate help. If you can keep potential customers engaged, this is more likely to result in a booking. The easiest way to keep prospects engaged is to offer fast responses without any delays - and a conversational AI chatbot is perfect for this.


By automating customer support tasks, chatbots can help reduce the workload on your staff and cut down on operational costs. When you hire team members based on their unique skill sets, the last thing you want to do is fill up their schedules with endless customer queries. You should automate as much tenant communication as possible through a conversational AI chatbot.

Enhanced Customer Experience

From answering frequently asked questions and providing personalized unit recommendations to onboarding new renters, a chatbot can help standardize customer experiences and ensure you are consistently offering exceptional communication. You can allow a chatbot to shape the customer experience and play a defining role in introducing new renters to your facility.

Stop Missing 49% Of All Incoming Communication

Yes, that’s a fact. Even the very best self-storage operators miss nearly 49% of all incoming communication that can turn into sales. This is a stunning statistic that reinforces the importance of having an AI-powered chatbot on your website that’s readily available to answer customer queries and drive sales without prospects having any interaction with your team members.

As your self-storage business grows and you open up more units at your facility, it's essential to embrace scalable solutions that support growth. Chatbots and conversational AI are perfect examples of scalable digital solutions that have a place in any operator’s technology stack. If you want to deliver a seamless experience for customers, AI has a pivotal role to play.

Learn more about our self-storage automation platform and book a call today.

Also, you should take a look through our Operator’s BluePrint to “Building an Unmanned Facility” — the all-in-one resource of all the tools accessible to an operator to run their self-storage business more effectively.

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