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Self-Storage Software (Everything You Need To Know)

December 20, 2022
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Operators are embracing self-storage software solutions to unlock the potential benefits of automation and deliver exceptional renter experiences.

Straight off the bat, here are a few key benefits of self-storage software for operators:

  • Deliver consistent renter experiences
  • Enable accelerated customer service
  • Focus on exclusively high-value tasks

Let's take a step back and consider what self-storage software is and why it matters.

What is self-storage software?

From storage unit management to customer service support, self-storage software can cover a broad range of different use cases.

The best self-storage software solutions will enable you to manage your entire operation from either a centralized platform or several integrated tools – giving you greater control, visibility, and efficiency over your business.

Fundamentally, software should complement your existing workflows and help integrate different aspects of your business.

Why does self-storage technology matter?

Let's consider the following scenario:

You are managing a self-storage facility without any automation in place.

You have to juggle a lot of different tasks, from handling customer calls and renting out units to cleaning the property and collecting payments.

It’s difficult to keep track of everything, and you often feel like you’re playing catch-up.

With the right self-storage software solutions powering your workflows, you can easily achieve all of the above and more.

Focus exclusively on high-impact tasks

By automating time-consuming tasks, self-storage software gives you the freedom to focus exclusively on high-impact tasks that will push your business forward.

When you are swamped with tasks, it's easy to put business development opportunities on the back burner and pour your attention into keeping the business functioning.

If you attempt to take a step back from daily operations or focus your attention elsewhere for even a second, operational bottlenecks can start to arise.

Remove yourself from daily operations

To support scalability, an operator cannot exist as an integral part of daily operations.

Self-storage software solutions can help remove you from the day-to-day grind and give you the ability to focus on long-term business goals.

What are the benefits of self-storage software?

Deliver consistent renter experiences

With self-storage software in place, you can standardize and streamline processes to deliver consistent renter experiences.

This is especially important if you are managing multiple units in different locations.

By automating tasks and workflows, you can be sure that every renter receives the same level of service regardless of which location they visit or the staff member they interact with.

Enable accelerated customer service

Rather than forcing customers to wait on hold or in line, self-storage software solutions can help you offer accelerated customer service.

With features like online chatbots and self-service portals, you can quickly and easily answer renter questions and resolve any issues they may be having – without needing to involve a staff member.

You can develop a set of commonly asked questions and answers that can be easily accessed by prospective customers.

This approach can also work for existing customers who may have questions about their accounts or need help with a specific task.

Focus on exclusively high-value tasks

It's easy to fill up your work schedule with low-value tasks that don't actually contribute to the bottom line.

By automating time-consuming and tedious tasks, self-storage software enables you to focus exclusively on high-value tasks that will have the biggest impact on your business.

This could include developing new marketing campaigns, working on strategic partnerships, or expanding your operations into new markets.

In other words, anything automation cannot handle for you.

When self-storage businesses are reliant on operators to keep the business functioning on the day-to-day, they are risking the creation of bottlenecks.

From not responding quickly enough to a lead and losing their business to customer service issues, your limits as a human can create major bottlenecks.

What are some popular self-storage software solutions?

Self-storage software solutions are typically split into three distinct categories:

  • Facility operations
  • Online presence
  • Back of office

Let’s break down what self-storage operators are using as part of their technology stacks.

Facility Operations

To pour time into high-value tasks, you need facility operations tools to take care of everything else. This is why self-storage facility operators are using various facility operations solutions to drive operational efficiency and manage their time.

Access Control

  • Nokē by Janus International
  • PTI Security Systems
  • Storable
  • SpiderDoor
  • Insomniac CIA
  • Sentinel Systems Corp.
  • QuikStor Security and Software
  • Stor-Guard

Security Features

  • Storage Commander
  • Storage Defender
  • PTI Security Systems
  • Sentinel Systems Corp.
  • Insomniac SmartEye
  • QuikStor Security and Software


  • OpenTechKISS Solutions
  • Advanced Kiosks
  • Kiosks Information Systems


  • DaVinci Locks
  • Chateau Products Inc.
  • BearBox
  • Entryfy
  • INSOMNIAC CIA Access Control
  • Janus Noke Smart Entry
  • Masterlock
  • Paxton Net2
  • PTI Security Systems
  • Salto XS4
  • SC Solutions
  • Sensorberg
  • Sentinel Systems
  • SpiderDoor
  • Stor-Guard
  • Tapkey
  • unloc.app

Remote Management

  • Store Ease Virtual Management
  • KISS Solutions
  • XPS Solutions
  • Call Potential

Online Presence

With no shortage of touch-points for prospects to engage with your brand, it’s essential to cover all bases and have a full stack of solutions available to support your marketing funnel.

Here are just some of the solutions self-storage operators are using to maintain their online presence:


  • StoragePug
  • StorEdge
  • G5
  • Mariposa
  • Go Local Interactive
  • Yardi Breeze
  • StoreCore
  • Calcumate (Add-on)


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook Ads (Paid)
  • Radius | Union Realtime
  • Yardi Matrix
  • StorTrack
  • Domo
  • Veritec Solutions

Reputation Management

  • Podium
  • Google My Business
  • BirdEye
  • Reputation
  • G5

Omni-channel Communication

  • swivl
  • LivePerson
  • XPS Chat
  • Open Tech Chat
  • Podium
  • Birdeye


  • Sparefoot
  • StorageArea
  • Storage.com
  • Google My Business
  • U-Haul Self Storage Affiliate Network
  • Yelp
  • TSSA Facility Locator
  • Your Storage Finder
  • Find Self Storage Units Near You | RentCafe

Digital Leasing

  • Sitelink
  • StorEdge
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Syrasoft
  • Storage Commander
  • QuikStor Security and Software
  • Unit Trac
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Tenant
  • Web Self Storage
  • Domico Software

Email Marketing

  • StoragePug
  • G5
  • MailChimp
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Klaviyo
  • Marketing360

Back Of Office

The “back of office” technology stack is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your operations. Here are just some of the solutions powering self-storage operations:

Facility Management Software

  • Self Storage Manager
  • Sitelink
  • Hummingbird
  • StorEdge
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Stora
  • DomicoCloud
  • Storage Commander
  • Yardi Breeze
  • ManageSpace

Contact Center

  • Call Potential
  • Open Tech
  • XPS Solutions
  • Ring Central
  • Call Here
  • swivl

Auctions Platform

  • Storage Auctions
  • Storage Treasures
  • American Auctioneers
  • SelfStorageAuction.com

Payment Processing

  • Storable Payments
  • CSG Forte
  • Storage Commander
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Self Storage Manager
  • Global payments Integrated
  • INSOMNIAC™ XpressCollect & XpressPay
  • Stripe (API)

Tenant Protection

  • MiniCo
  • Safestor
  • Storable
  • SBOA Tenant Insurance
  • SafeLease
  • Ponderosa Insurance Agency
  • Xercor Insurance Services, LLC

How can self-storage operators embrace automation?

Here are just a few ways self-storage operators can embrace automation:

  • Chatbots powered by machine learning
  • Tenant invoice generation and distribution
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Lease agreement generation
  • Automatic rent escalations

We have produced an Operator’s BluePrint to “Building an Unmanned Facility” — the all-in-one resource of all the tools accessible to an operator to run their self-storage business more efficiently.

To learn more about the self-storage technology landscape and how you can leverage self-storage software, get your hands on the PDF blueprint today.

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