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Self-Storage Remote Management (Key Benefits + Getting Started)

March 30, 2023
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Straight off the bat, here are the key benefits of remotely managing your self-storage facility:

  • Streamlined pre-rental engagement processes.
  • Enhanced renter experience with flexible access options.
  • Increased operational efficiency through automation.
  • Improved security with advanced technology.
  • Lowered overhead and operating costs.

Let’s explore what remote management is and why it matters.

Self-Storage Remote Management (What Is It?)

Self-storage remote management is all about using modern technology to automate and streamline operations, reduce overheads, and enhance renter experiences. With the support of digital technology, self-storage operators can manage various aspects of their businesses from a distance, such as tenant onboarding, customer support, and access control.

Self-Storage Remote Management (4 Key Benefits)

1 - Streamlined pre-rental engagement processes

Effective remote management can enable the automation of pre-rental tasks, such as online reservations, digital lease agreements, and payment processing. This not only saves time for both the renter and the operator but also provides a seamless and efficient experience that will fill new customers with confidence in your self-storage facility solutions.

2 - Enhanced renter experience with flexible access options

The right mix of self-storage automation solutions can enable tenants to access their storage units without any human intervention. Technology-enabled access methods are convenient for all parties. Tenants can appear on-site and access their units without waiting around for support from a self-storage operator. These professionals can focus their time on high-value tasks.

3 - Improved security with advanced technology

Self-storage remote management can allow you to integrate smart access control systems and remote monitoring solutions. These can give operators all the insights they need to closely track movements across their facility and guarantee the safety of tenants' belongings. 

4 - Lowered overhead and operating costs

If you can automate and centralize a range of administrative tasks, you can reduce the need for on-site staff and reduce labor costs. On the other hand, if you see value in the unique skill set of specific employees, you can automate tasks to enable them to focus on other tasks. You can enable them to reallocate their time and pour their attention into high-value tasks.

Managing Pre-Rental Engagements Remotely

Managing pre-rental engagements remotely is about leveraging technology to streamline and automate the entire tenant onboarding process. Sophisticated online reservation systems allow potential renters to check unit availability at a facility, select their preferred unit size, and reserve it in just a few clicks. Digital lease agreements can then get signed electronically.

Managing On-Site Visitations Remotely

You can manage on-site visitations remotely using a combination of technology solutions, such as smart access control systems, mobile apps, and video surveillance. You can grant tenants access to the facility and their individual units through a mobile app or keyless entry system that utilizes unique access codes or other types of technology to deliver a seamless experience.

The Impact Of Remote Management On Renter Experiences

Shape renter experiences

Remote management in self-storage can help shape renter experiences and support customer service. With a streamlined pre-rental engagement process, it’s easy for prospective tenants to reserve a unit, complete legal documentation, and make payments online. You can offer a convenient and hassle-free experience that gets customer relationships off to a great start.

Offer tremendous flexibility

Flexible access options, such as mobile apps and keyless entry systems, can provide tenants with plenty of control over when and how they access their storage units. This means you can cater to their individual schedules and needs without having to change yours. This enhanced level of convenience and flexibility is immensely appreciated by today's busy tenants.

Deliver timely and efficient service

Self-storage operators can use remote management tools to offer timely and efficient service to their tenants. With the ability to monitor the facility remotely and communicate through phone or online channels, operators can rapidly respond to tenant inquiries and address any concerns that may arise along the customer journey, further enhancing the renter experience.

Remote Management Self-Storage (Why Use swivl?)

With no shortage of remote management tools and solutions on the market, it’s often difficult to navigate through the noise and identify applications that can truly move your business forward. Embracing a handful of remote management solutions can only lead to disjointed workflows. You should take a highly selective approach to picking the right solutions for your facility.

As a self-storage automation platform, swivl can play a pivotal role in enabling you to manage your self-storage facility remotely. With a range of tools at your disposal, swivl can help you purposefully automate with both existing and prospective tenants. Whether you are looking to automate customer support or sales, swivl is well-equipped to help with both.

Learn more about our self-storage automation platform and book a call today.

Also, we have produced an Operator’s BluePrint to “Building an Unmanned Facility” — the all-in-one resource of all the tools accessible to an operator to run their self-storage business more effectively. To find out more about the self-storage technology landscape and how you can utilize AI-powered tools for self-storage businesses, get your hands on the PDF blueprint today.

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