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PropTech Solutions: Create Happy Storage Tenants & Empowered Operators

February 28, 2024
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Proptech solutions are a driving force behind elevated tenant experiences in self-storage.

  • Struggling to maintain high tenant satisfaction in your storage facilities?
  • Finding it challenging to streamline operations and increase efficiency?
  • Seeking innovative solutions to differentiate your storage business in a competitive market?

If you own or manage a self-storage facility, understanding proptech and its impact is key to staying ahead in a competitive market. As a leading authority in self-storage proptech, swivl has extensive experience developing solutions specifically tailored to the needs of storage facility operators and tenants alike.

This article is for:

  • Storage facility operators looking to enhance tenant satisfaction and streamline operations.
  • Property managers seeking innovative proptech solutions to differentiate their offerings.

We will delve into:

  • What proptech is and why it’s a hot topic in self-storage
  • Why facility operators should pay attention
  • How self-storage facilities can leverage proptech solutions
  • What the future holds for proptech in self-storage

What Is PropTech, And Why Is It A Hot Topic In Self-Storage?

From tenant acquisition and unit security, proptech in self-storage is the application of innovative technology to all aspects of facility management and storage business development. It introduces new tools to enhance the way you run your storage business. Here's a closer look at the key areas of proptech:

Proptech Facility Management

This covers software solutions that simplify your daily tasks and keep facility operators focused on needle-moving tasks that push their businesses forward, rather than getting bogged down with operations. The best proptech facility management solutions will offer a powerful central control system to manage unit reservations, automate invoicing and payments, track occupancy, and streamline administrative work.

Proptech Payment Software

Effective proptech payment software can enable you to say “goodbye” to manual payment processing. When implemented effectively, proptech solutions can support seamless, contact-free online payments for tenants as they book unit rentals. This not only creates a smooth experience for tenants but also saves operators time and allows them to focus their working hours on impactful tasks.

Proptech Marketing & Customer Acquisition

With sophisticated proptech tools, you can pinpoint potential renters using a range of data-driven marketing strategies and target these individuals through several touchpoints. There is no shortage of marketing tools that facility operators can integrate into their technology stacks. Some all-in-one solutions can help centralize your technology stack and prevent it from becoming bloated.

Proptech Security Solutions

Advanced proptech can bring an extra layer of security to your facilities and safeguard tenant belongings. Smart locks, cloud-based access control systems, and intelligent surveillance technology give you total oversight and peace of mind.

Why Facility Operators Should Pay Attention

Self-storage tenants are increasingly tech-savvy - and their expectations are only growing. They want quick and convenient solutions for renting units, communication, and payments. Implementing proptech isn't just about keeping up with competing facilities; it's about offering a superior service that keeps tenants coming back, firmly setting you apart from the competition. Here are some additional benefits of proptech:

  • Self-storage tenants demand tech-driven convenience; proptech solutions ensure you not only meet these expectations but surpass them, resulting in higher tenant satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Proptech solutions streamline numerous tasks, significantly increasing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  • Proptech's focus on 24/7 self-service, intuitive design, and targeted marketing directly contributes to a superior tenant experience that translates to greater customer return rates.

4 Examples of Proptech Solutions in Self-Storage

The proptech space for self-storage is buzzing with innovation. As facility operators continue to embrace a range of solutions and consider ways to expand their technology stacks, tools and platforms for different use cases are entering the market. Here are just some examples of proptech solutions for self-storage:

Cloud-Based Management Systems

These all-in-one software platforms are the foundation for modern self-storage operations. They centralize unit management, tenant information, online payments, and in-depth analytics to streamline workflows. A cloud-based management system can bring all important data under one roof and give facility operators everything they need to accelerate informed decision-making and bolster productivity.

Online Rental Platforms

These platforms bridge the gap between potential tenants and your facility. They make it easier for prospective tenants to find the right units, compare options, and sign contracts online. If you want to speed up the unit booking process and enable prospective tenants to book units with greater ease, you should consider embracing an online booking system and integrating this with your website.

Smart Access Control

Smart access control systems modernize security, often ditching traditional keys in favor of convenient smartphone or code-based access. They enhance security while improving the overall tenant experience. Tenants can request access codes and visit their storage units at a time that suits their needs, rather than worrying about whether facility team members are on hand and ready to help.

Data Analytics Tools

Proptech analytics systems can offer insights into occupancy patterns, market trends, and tenant preferences. This information allows you to make informed pricing, marketing, and informed decisions at every stage of the customer journey. With a range of data at your fingertips, you can make strategic moves to maximize tenant lifetime value and encourage retention with repeat unit bookings.

Where Does The Future Hold For Self-Storage Proptech?

Innovation in self-storage proptech is ramping up. Here's what you can expect to see down the line:

Even Smarter Automation

Artificial intelligence will become an essential part of processes like rental pricing, tenant communication, and facility management. With swivl, we’re already seeing self-storage facilities leverage conversational AI to automate conversations with prospective and existing tenants, saving time and growing revenue.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected devices will monitor temperature, humidity, and even detect unit break-ins. They will then send real-time data and alerts to improve efficiency and security across facilities.

Immersive Technologies

Virtual reality and augmented reality could give potential tenants virtual unit tours as part of the online unit booking sales flow. At the same time, AR and VR solutions could also be used to streamline facility maintenance processes.

Proptech Is A Must-Have For Self-Storage Business Development

As you look to gain an edge over competing facilities, developing your technology stack and testing new proptech solutions is an essential step. swivl has produced a blueprint for building an unmanned facility through the use of proptech tools and platforms. This is an all-in-one resource of all the tools accessible to an operator to run their business more efficiently. You can download the PDF today.

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