Integrate swivl's AI-powered Chatbot with HubSpot

August 4, 2022
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swivl’s HubSpot Integration

Capture more leads and provide contextual help with a dynamic, AI-powered chatbot & live chat using swivl.

Key Benefits

Capture more leads on your website with swivl’s easy-to-use and powerful AI-powered chatbot and automation tools. Teams can now focus on delivering a better customer experience.

  • Keep your CRM up to date by automatically sending leads to HubSpot and syncing relevant information captured as they interact with swivl.
  • Know who your customers are as they chat by accessing key HubSpot data about a lead right from the Conversations section
  • Map & personalize their customer journey by capturing key information within swivlStudio User Journey builder. Personalize interactions and contextually recommend content or products as a lead interacts with your swivl bot.

How swivl integrates with HubSpot

Capture leads & provide contextual help with an AI bot

With swivl and HubSpot, you’ll be able to have meaningful and proactive conversations with customers while they’re live on your site. In fact, give them the help they need in context to what they are looking for ー instantly.

Organize, track, and nurture your leads

Automatically sync key information captured through a conversation into a lead’s profile in HubSpot using Contact Attribute mapping. swivl can then continue to nurture a lead through various actions. For example, by personalizing their interactions, providing contextual help, recommending a product or piece of content depending on their needs, and so on. Similarly, swivl can alert your team via our Slack integration about actions a lead decided to take in real-time, thus ensuring you can always provide the human touch at every touchpoint.

Stop creating tickets. Start building intelligence.

Use swivl’s powerful intelligence and automation features to make your bot act as the first line of defense between your customers and your business. Furthermore, swivl will take care of answering questions and automating workflows while escalating to a human whenever necessary. Your team will never miss an opportunity to keep your customers happy.

You Can Find Our AI-Powered Chat Integration Directly On The HubSpot Marketplace.

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