Ep 20: How top operators are redefining security and access in self storage w/ Lynn Sykes & Eric Gardner | Self Storage Lab

May 8, 2024
2 minutes

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Welcome to the Self Storage Lab — where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact your business.

This episode explores the critical transition from manual to automated access and security systems in the self-storage industry. It highlights the drive for automation prompted by competitive market dynamics and evolving consumer expectations, particularly from younger, tech-savvy customers.

Guests Eric Gardner, Director of Marketing at Five Star Storage, and Lynn Sykes, Sr. Vice President of Operations at Storage Asset Management, discuss the benefits of sophisticated access and lock systems, including enhanced customer convenience and security, and the operational efficiencies these technologies offer. They delve into the importance of selecting compatible service partners, the impact of these systems on customer service and the staff experience, and the financial considerations of adopting new access control technologies.

The conversation also touches on the need for thorough training and the integration of new technologies with existing systems to ensure seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Mentioned in this episode

01:14 Introduction and Personal Journeys

04:17 Exploring Access Control: Definitions, Changes, and Customer Expectations

05:36 Exploring Access Control Systems: From Manual Gates to State-of-the-Art Technology

08:17 The Impact on the Customer and Staff Experience

14:13 The Data-Driven Approach: Leveraging Insights for Strategic Decisions

17:49 The Impact of COVID-19 on Access Patterns and Technology Adoption

20:28 Remote Management and the Role of Technology in Customer Satisfaction

22:49 Technology Adoption and Measuring ROI

26:28 Budgeting for Technology Upgrades in Self Storage Facilities

32:33 Exploring Customer Reviews and Shopping Habits

33:20 The Importance of Customer Service and Service Partners

35:50 Managing Remote and Hub-and-Spoke Locations

38:39 Adopting AI and Security Technologies

44:06 Innovative Access Control and Security Measures

47:22 Marketing Strategies and Customer Communication

53:36 Preparing for Technology Transitions and Upgrades

57:58 Enhancing the Customer Experience

If you haven’t already, go download the second edition of our industry report “The State of Technology in Self Storage”. We cover a ton of data points focused on how operators should think about putting The Modern Customer at the center of their universe.

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