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How AI Bots Are Changing Digital Marketing

August 31, 2022
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The digital marketing industry is undergoing massive changes in response to the development of new technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to automate and streamline a growing number of tasks. AI bots are powerful tools, catalyzing changes throughout the digital marketing industry.

Bots may sound like something out of a bad sci-fi movie but they are actually quite simple. Bots are programs that automate tasks. This could be providing users with support, collecting data, or even creating content.

The concept of a bot is quite general, and therefore bots have a wide range of potential uses. AI is used to write bots that are adaptable and ‘intelligent.’ There are still many uses of AI bots that are not yet fully realized. However, AI bots are already changing the digital marketing landscape.

This tech is now easier than ever to implement in a digital marketing strategy. Here are a few of the biggest AI trends changing the digital marketing landscape today.

The Most Popular Uses of AI Bots

With the huge amount of user data available today, personalization can be more granular than ever before. Serving targeted content will clearly make users more likely to find the products they want to buy.

However, personalization is far more important than simply improving direct sales. Customers now expect personalized content, with 71% of users preferring personalized ads. In order to compete, eCommerce sites need to provide an optimal customer experience. This means doing the hard work of filtering and searching content for the user.

Personalization adds complexity to a website. Websites can serve different content to every user. AI bots can make this process efficient. Rather than manually grouping users or simply showing recently viewed products, AI can guess a user’s needs. This allows a level of tailoring that is impossible without the use of AI.

Customer Interactions
AI bots changing digital marketing, chat interface

Chatbots are a rapidly growing use of AI in digital marketing and other fields. These tools are now robust and easy to program (without coding!). This makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to implement chatbots. These tools can improve customer experience, decrease workload, and greatly improve sales.

Chatbots provide far more than just decreasing the workload of a sales and support team. These services can help your entire marketing strategy.

As mentioned, personalization is essential in modern digital marketing. Chatbots can play an essential role in tailoring a customer’s experience.

By directly interacting with customers, chatbots can respond to the needs of each user. By asking the right questions, a chatbot can move a user through the sales funnel.

The conversational style of chatbots allows a hyper-personalized experience. AI-powered chatbots are more flexible to each user’s needs than rule-based chatbots. This style allows you to provide users with a great experience.

Having chatbots interact directly with customers also makes data collection simpler. Users are far more likely to provide personal details in a chat format. A user will have little interest in filling out a long form about their needs.

Alternately, receiving suggestions in response to questions provides immediate value to the user. Marketers can use the information collected in other campaigns. You can add this data to existing marketing strategies or integrate it into other AI-driven tools.

Automation of Digital Marketing Tasks
AI bots and digital marketing

The creation of content is a huge part of any digital marketing strategy. Modern search engine optimization (SEO) requires a constant stream of quality, relevant content. This work takes a huge amount of time. Obviously, this work is complex and difficult to automate. However, tools capable of doing just that are starting to see the light of day.

There are now companies offering AI-driven content creation services. These tools have the potential to change the way digital content marketing works. Though these techniques still have limitations, companies have begun to use them. Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are a few examples of companies offering AI content creation today.

AI content creation helps fill the gaps created by the many personalized pages AI enables. Websites need copy for hyper-specific pages. AI is currently best at generating short, simple content. This is a perfect fit for personalized product descriptions.

The use of AI in creating content is a nascent field. Bots can not yet replace humans for most creative tasks. Instead, they can do basic creative work and provide insight to designers. This includes new takes on A/B testing. For example, AI bots can tweak layouts, fonts, and colors to optimize website performance.

However, today it can be used to design websites, generate advertisements, and plan content. These cutting edge uses of AI bots show the massive potential of AI to disrupt the digital marketing industry.

The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

As AI tools mature, their impact on digital marketing will grow. AI bots are already causing large changes in this industry.

In the near future, most businesses will use AI solutions. AI chatbots and personalized content will be present on most sites with a product.

Companies are beginning to realize just how easy it can be to start benefiting from AI. With user-friendly tools and no programming required, there is no reason not to start using AI in your business.

New uses of AI and improvements to existing techniques will also change the industry. As this technology develops and improves, we will see it used in innovative and unique ways. In addition, these tools will become more accessible to non-programmers. Therefore, high-level tools like swivl will expand to include even more AI features.

These uses of AI may seem threatening to some in the digital marketing industry. However, these tools are still far from replacing humans. They still require human input in order to function well, train data, and deliver the human touch, and this is unlikely to change in the near future.

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