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What is Facility Management Software?

December 7, 2022
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Do you have access to the tools and resources needed to ensure your self-storage facility can run on autopilot?

Okay, maybe that's a little bit of a stretch. Let's rephrase the question.

Are you currently automating any of the tasks and processes associated with running a self-storage facility?

If not, you should be. Embracing facility management software (FMS) is the first step toward streamlining your operation, improving your bottom line, and giving yourself some much-needed peace of mind.

We are seeing countless examples of storage operators who are using FMS to automate and improve their businesses. If you are constantly swamped with inquiries and requests from prospective and existing customers, an FMS could fundamentally reshape your operations.

What is Facility Management Software (FMS)?

An FMS is a platform that enables self-storage operators to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. By automating tasks and processes, an FMS helps teams save time and money while reducing the risk of human error.

Here are just a few of the potential use cases:

  • These tools support tenant management and enable you to manage customers.
  • An FMS can offer vertical integration to centralize operations with a single dashboard.
  • Leverage an FMS API (Application Programming Interface) to control your data.
  • Generate reports that are packed with useful data to inform your operations.
  • Receive timely alerts on units approaching the end of their current leases.
  • Integrate payment processing solutions and distribute customer invoices.
  • Utilize cloud file storage to share important documents, such as lease agreements.
  • Issue automatic payment reminders for customers running late on rental payments.
  • Create facility maps to support unit management.

This isn't about taking humans out of the operational equation. Quite the opposite, actually.

An FMS frees up time so your team members can focus on the things that really matter, like providing exceptional customer service where it counts.

Why do self-storage businesses need an FMS?

Let's face it, self-storage renters do not need a human to provide them with access codes. This is the type of task that can (and should) be automated.

While it's critical that self-storage renters are equipped with their access codes at the right time, this isn't a high-value task for skilled professionals, like your on-site managers, to deal with.

The same goes for tasks like collecting rent payments, generating invoices, and other repetitive administrative tasks. These are all things that an FMS can handle quickly and easily without any direct human input.

If you are all about delivering consistent customer experiences, an FMS can play an instrumental role in automating pivotal processes.

4 Signs You Need A Facility Management Solution

Not sure if an FMS is right for you? Here are four signs that indicate it's time to look at an FMS:

1 - You're wasting time on repetitive (yet essential) tasks

Do you find yourself performing the same tasks over and over again? If so, it's time to automate.

By automating repetitive tasks, you can spend time on high-value tasks that push your self-storage business forward. When you spend every day responding to requests and putting out fires, it's tough to find time to work on more strategic projects with longer-term payoffs.

2 - You're struggling to keep up with customer demand

Are you failing to respond to enquiries from prospective customers in a timely manner? We've all been there.

Many FMS solutions come with an integration ecosystem with AI-powered chatbots that can answer common questions and move prospects down your sales funnel.

To keep up with customer demand and streamline tenant communication, you can also leverage call center integrations and reputation management tools.

3 - You're failing to deliver consistent experiences due to human error

Are you leaving room for human error? If you want to deliver consistent customer experiences daily, a facility management solution can plug the necessary gaps.

By automating tasks and processes, you can remove the potential for human error. This not only saves you money but also helps you deliver more consistent experiences to your customers.

4 - You're struggling to scale your business

Are you finding it tough to grow your self-storage business? If so, an FMS can bring order to your operations.

An FMS can help you automate and streamline key processes, freeing up time and resources that can be reinvested in growth initiatives.

Where can you find the best FMS?

A quick Google search will present you with a full range of different facility management software solutions for your consideration. Although, one-size-fits-all solutions are unlikely to accommodate the specific needs of self-storage businesses. Here are some of the leading industry solutions to pick from:

Facility Management Software (Closing Thoughts)

Facility management software is a must-have for any self-storage business that wants to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver consistent customer experiences.

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