Episode 11: Choosing the Right Facility Management Software (FMS) | Self Storage Lab

August 22, 2023
3 minutes

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Welcome to the Self-Storage Lab, where we delve into how operators adapt to the technology-driven landscape and its impact on their businesses. In this episode, we explore facility management software, a crucial decision for facility operators seeking to optimize their processes.

In the later part of the episode (44:24), we hear from operators who have gone through the decision-making process and learn about their experiences with different facility management software. 

Stay tuned for valuable insights that can guide you in selecting the best software partner for your self-storage business.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Facility Management Software (FMS) 

  • How do the different FMS types impact your self-storage business differently?
  • What key factors should you consider before making your decision?
  • Are there any industry-specific challenges you should address through your software choice?

Core Features to Look for in Facility Management Software

  • What are the essential features that every FMS should offer?
  • How important is integration with your self-storage website and customer relationship management (CRM)?
  • Are there additional features that can enhance the customer experience?

Scaling Up: Finding the Right Fit for Your Growing Business

  • What considerations are crucial when selecting FMS to support future expansion?
  • Are there any potential challenges when transitioning from a simpler system to a more robust FMS?

Understanding the Data Structure and APIs

  • What information can be accessed through the APIs? (e.g., tenant data, occupancy rates, pricing, etc.)
  • Does the facility management system offer open APIs for collaboration and ecosystem building?

Analytics and Reports

  • What types of analytics and reports are available in the facility management system?
  • Can custom reports be generated based on specific requirements?

Cost Considerations

  • How is the pricing structured for the facility management system?
  • Are there additional costs for specific integrations or API access?

Tech Support and Onboarding

  • What is the onboarding process like for transitioning to a new facility management system?
  • Is there a designated account manager or tech support representative for assistance?
  • What is the service level agreement for tech support and issue resolution?

Customer Experience and Integration

  • How does the facility management system integrate with an operator’s website for tenant login and account access?
  • Are there any concerns about customers’ trust and understanding when interacting with the facility management system through an operator’s website?

Operator Deep Dive

  • Grace Totty on Choosing the Right FMS (44:24)
  • Brett Copper on Choosing the Right FMS (1:10:40)

Back to the episode (1:17:50)

Essential Questions to Ask When Evaluating an FMS

  • Does the FMS offer educational material and an onboarding process for easy implementation?
  • Should operators request customer references to gauge the FMS’s performance and support?
  • What support and tech assistance should operators expect from their FMS providers?

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

  • What factors are driving innovation in FMS, especially in terms of contactless and mobile solutions?
  • What improvements can FMS providers make to enhance customer-centric offerings?
  • How is AI changing the landscape of Facility Management Systems?
  • How can operators benefit from the ongoing development and integration of AI in FMS?

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