Episode 01: Who we are, what this is, and why we're doing it | Self Storage Lab

December 14, 2022
3 minutes

Welcome to Self Storage Lab — a new podcast where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact their business.

Whether you’re a thousand location operator or looking to get into self storage with your first property, nerd out with us as we help you decide what’s best for your business. This is a deep dive into the picks and shovels - software & hardware - that run self storage industry. Join us as we share insights and use-cases from around the Self Storage.

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We explore:

Who we are

  • For the first episode, we wanted to dive into who we are, what this podcast is about, and why we're doing this.

Why are we going to talk about software and hardware in self storage?

  • A lot of the existing software needs some love.
  • Create products that meet their users where they are.
  • Some of our favorite tech moments happen when the software seamlessly meets the hardware.
  • Talk through ideas from a different lens, to help operators ask better questions and find answers to feed their appetite for new technology.

Goals for the podcast

  • Be the Operator’s BluePrint
  • How to bring in the experiences customers are used to in other industries that are not currently in Self Storage.
  • Takeaways. Always Action.


For more information about what we do at swivl, check out our some of our most popular resources: tryswivl.com/blueprint

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