Episode 03: Business Intelligence and Analytics | Self Storage Lab

December 14, 2022
5 minutes

Welcome to Self Storage Lab — where we deconstruct how operators are adapting to today’s technology-driven landscape and how it might impact your business.

Today, we dive into the numbers that make your business run. We will dive into the new buzzword every operator is talking about, Business Intelligence (BI), why attribution is so important, data privacy, and how to setup an infrastructure to measure the right data.  

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What we cover:

  • BI is becoming more prevalent
  • Attribution piece
  • It’s not just about measuring, it’s about the questions you are asking
  • Analytics should help you tell a story
  • Data Privacy + Stats being collected
  • Tools and resources Operators should be aware of

Mentioned in this episode:

Defining BI

A Self-Storage industry in transition

  • Brick & Mortar toward a digital experience
  • Why it’s important?
  • Ask the question and measure the process
  • KPIs and OKRs

What should I measure?

  • Website Analytics → Google Analytics
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do they navigate my website?

So many data silos

  • How do my different data sources all talk to each other?
  • Microsoft BI


  • The why?
  • Know where your revenue is coming from
  • Understanding what is driving the business decisions

Where did they go?

  • Understanding bounce rates
  • What is an “exit event” and what can you do about it?

Your contact center

  • The players
  • Average time to pick up
  • Average chat time

Other things to measure

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Auto-payment enrollment

Data Privacy & Data Bias

Making a data tool decision

  • Google suite (GA4 and Tag Manager)
  • Ability to integrate into current software stack
  • Intuitive interface
  • Make sure it’s secure
  • Mason’s favorite BI tool - Microsoft Excel & Apple’s Numbers

Other resources

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