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Cubix Storage Unveils New AI Chatbot to Enhance Customer Experience

August 16, 2023
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 15th 2023 – Cubix Storage, a premier self-storage operator with a focus on Northern and Central California markets, is revolutionizing the tenant experience with the launch of swivl’s AI-powered chatbot and their new in-house call center. These latest initiatives underline Cubix Storage's commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert personnel.

With over 80 years of combined experience in designing, owning, and developing more than 400 self-storage facilities, Cubix Storage has established itself as a trusted industry expert. The company currently owns and operates a portfolio of 38 properties, comprising over 23,000 storage units and totaling 2.8 million square feet.

Cubix Storage's new AI chatbot service will enhance its comprehensive suite of services, which includes third-party property management, joint-venture acquisition and development, site and design plans, entitlement and construction permits, fee-based consulting, site and market analysis, feasibility studies, financial modeling, and operations analysis.

The call center will act as a centralized hub for managing customer inquiries and support, ensuring that every customer receives a timely and professional response. Staffed by a team of experienced professionals, the call center will help property owners, investors, and operators manage their assets more effectively and efficiently, maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.

Complementing the call center, the swivl AI platform will provide instant support to customers, answering their questions and addressing their concerns 24/7. The chatbot leverages advanced artificial intelligence to understand and respond to user queries, offering a seamless and efficient way for customers to obtain the information they need. This AI-powered tool will contribute to Cubix Storage's ongoing efforts to create a center of excellence at every touchpoint, delivering a premium service experience to customers.

“We are excited to be working with the Cubix Storage team to bring a modern user interface and intuitive digital experience to their customers”, said Mason Levy, CEO of swivl. “We enjoy working with like minded teams that see a future in making self storage more accessible. swivl is currently handling thousands of interactions for different sized operators with over 80% success rate – all automated, requiring no labor. swivl can help with sales-focused inquiries, such as helping prospects find spaces to rent and helping tenants make payments online. It is also solving problems, from helping tenants figure out their access code, to enabling them to exit the property when they are locked inside.” 

Cubix Storage's latest initiatives demonstrate the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By adopting innovative solutions such as the AI chatbot, Cubix Storage is able to provide its clients with an all-in-one customized storage management solution tailored to their unique business needs.

The launch of the in-house call center and AI chatbot service marks an exciting milestone in Cubix Storage's ongoing mission to provide exceptional self-storage solutions to its clients. By combining industry expertise, innovative technology, and a customer-centric approach, Cubix Storage continues to set new standards in the self-storage industry.

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