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Announcing our newest integration: SiteLink + swivl

August 4, 2022
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How Swivl Works with SiteLink

The integration allows swivl to take a consumer’s experience to the next level by offering leads landing on a storage website visibility into nearby facilities, the operator’s available inventory, prices, and available discounts. Furthermore, swivl can update lead information, assist in booking a reservation, and aid in managing a customer’s account directly through SiteLink. All the while, operators can still rely on their store managers or contact center agents to provide the human touch with a simple transition to a live chat experience.  

Automation is the future of self storage. In the age of hyper-informed, store-anywhere consumers, your business needs to be always on, data driven, and customer-centered. Your renters demand it.


Even the best Self Storage operators often miss nearly 49% of all incoming communication that can turn into a sale, while wasting time on answering repetitive questions, instead of focusing on revenue generating activities. According to a 2017 Demand Study conducted by the national Self Storage Association, nearly 60% of all customers rent from the first facility they’re able to reach.

Introducing the Only AI Assistant in Self Storage. With an industry leading Natural Language Processing model, swivl can answer hundreds of questions regarding different self storage topics.

swivl augments operating teams to understand what works and automatically tune property-level decisions every day to attract ready-to-lease customers. Operators leverage swivl to power things like digital assistants, online self-service automation, website inventory recommendations, call center routing, and omni-channel experiences.

swivl’s AI Assistant averages an 80% automation rate, with more than 50,000 assisted reservations across 2,500 Self Storage locations.

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